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Kourkoumelata rests towards the top of the hills of Livatho one mile away from coast overlooking the sea, Zante and several islets. Kourkoumelata luxurious villas with flush gardens epitomise the seamanship tradition of the villages of Livatho. Since the age of Odysseus seamanship has offered an escape from the narrow confines of an isolated island and the only route towards the hope of prosperity through risky sea ventures.

Kourkoumelata was rebuilt after the destructive earthquake of 1953 with the wealth acquired from maritime activities and bears testimony to man's struggle with the forces of nature. Restaurant and mini market is within walking distance.

Airport is 10 minutes away by car and the drive to the capital Argostoli takes 15 minutes. The nearest beaches are 5 minutes away by car.

Available villas at this location

Villa Feinikas
Feinikas is situated just below the village of Kourkoumelata commanding panoramic views of the bell tower at Kalligata and the entire coastline including the small islet of Dias.... >> View details


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